Stuffed peppers, even the kids will eat!


Super easy and fun appetizer!

First, prepare the peppers. I love these small bell peppers but only the red, yellow, and orange. They are much milder and easier to digest. Insert your paring knife at the base of the stem and cut all the way around the stem. Pull off the stem and rinse out all the seeds and ribbing from the inside of the peppers.

Get a large ziploc baggie, and place cream cheese into the baggie. Squeeze all the air out, making sure the cream cheese is in one corner. Seal and snip the corner off. Pipe the cream cheese into all the peppers,  and lay them on a cookie sheet.

When you are done, take your pre-cooked bacon and wrap one slice of bacon around each pepper. If desired, secure with toothpick.

Place in 350° preheated oven and bake for 25 mins.

Allow to cool slightly and enjoy! Nom nom!



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