Race to November

It’s the beginning of another political season. Many people with families and young children are thinking about Summer vacation and what to do with the kids!

Making plans for camping, traveling, visiting, and having lots of fun!

Then there are the political junkies out there.  You know who you are.

You’re focused on Iowa.  Looking toward Ohio.  Listening to what Floridians are saying.

You and I are a rare breed.

I like to think of it as a Thoroughbred racehorse.  They quiver with excitement when they step onto the track.  The soft dirt, the roar of the crowd, the smell of old leather and bourbon.

This is their passion.  The reason they are born.  Their entire life is about a single moment in time.

Politicos are the very same.  They live for the moments leading up to the election.

What I love so much is the democracy in action. We have a process we have relied upon for many years. It’s our American Tradition. Its our Culture. Its our heritage.

There’s something so rich and warm about the process.  The vetting of candidates. The discussion of the issues and positions.

I am absolutely in love with this Season.

I’ve also been in the candidate’s position, having run 4 campaigns. I’ve volunteered for groups that I felt had important positions on issues as well as campaigned for candidates that best represented my views and values.

I think its the entire process I love. So, bring on November, let’s get to debating!



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