Everything I know, I learned the hard way

To quote my Dad, about his process of dying “It is what it is.”

This statement is pretty amazing on several different levels.  To fully understand, you need to know my Dad.

He wasn’t a very complicated man.  And yet, to simply state that he was a Minister, seems rather small to me.

As a minister, he was a spiritual man.  Of course.  Just not the way I consider to be spiritual, now.

Many years ago, when I began my own spiritual journey, I stumbled upon Deepak Chopra.  His “Seven Spiritual Laws of Success” changed everything for me.  I learned a mantra that I use many times during every day.  “This moment is as it should be.”

What I never thought of was that my father would express this to me so clearly one day.  Matter of factly.  There is no proper response to that statement, except to agree.

I guess, in the end, I had affected him almost as much as he had affected, changed, shaped, and molded me.

The words can be changed around, simplified or expanded.  The idea is the same.  It snaps me back to this moment.  Acceptance of all that I am feeling, hearing, seeing.  Pushing the negativity away.  The worry and guilt, this is yesterday and tomorrow.  But, this moment, as simple and pure as it is, is all that we need.





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