The Day After


The Sun shines brightly… birds still chirp.  World still turns, life drags on.

You feel raw, as if your skin has been striped off.  You are exposed.  Laid bare.

The very idea of survival is painful.  It makes you mad, in fact, to still have to be here.  Having to carry on.

I look up and see the spider in her web.  I don’t know who I feel worse for- the spider, the fly, or me.

Were it not for the one, there could not be the other.  The cycle of life churns along.  Destruction and creation locked in a neverending dance.  Each one making the other possible.

Addressing the reality of your feelings creates the momentum needed to cross over,  to the side of survival.

Too many people are simply existing.  Going through the motions, never deviating from the script.

Essentially, allowing someone or something else to write the screenplay of their life!

Acknowledgement is the first step.

Own your feelings, own your decisions, and own your life.  Take it back.  There are NO time limits on reclaiming yourself.  You can begin rewriting your script this minute!

You know, I am all about treating your soul with tenderness and honor.  I am also, even more passionate about the next step.  The transition from survival to THRIVING!

I believe it is a choice.  What will you choose next?  For this step, you must live with your head up, so as to observe the choices that lay out in front of you.

This is Shift.

Thank you for reading, as always.  More on this topic later.



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