Favorite Jack London Poems #1

Call of The Wild

Jack London

Chapter 1

Into the Primitive

“Old longings nomadic leap,
Chafing at custom’s chain;
Again from its brumal sleep
Wakens the ferine strain.”

I think I was 8 or 9 when I first discovered Jack London.  Tender.  His prose, style, and rawness was life changing for me.  Rather, it would be a reawakening of something long buried in me.

I remember counting up to 6, the times I read The Call of The Wild.  It’s a lot more, now.  I wore out three copies, and I cherished every one of them.

I married a man who had a hard cover copy of The Call of The Wild and I was smitten.  Both of my children have read it too.

When I was a little girl, my Father would read it outloud to me.  He would even do the voices, in accurate French Canadian!  Oh how I LOVED hearing his deep voice speak as Perrault.  I was there, transported to the wilds of Alaska during the Gold Rush.


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