These pieces of me…



There would be a decade of change so vast, that it would threaten to swallow me whole.

Losing Dad.  One of us three.

It was a slow fading of his light, over a three month period of time. The days crept by, slowly and painfully.

In a whoosh they were gone and so was my Dad.

Gone from my sight. The light of my father’s flame dimmed but did not wink out entirely.

I can see it clearly. I can not tell how far away it is, but distance feels different now.

I close my eyes and let my heart travel vast distances, and in a sigh I am there.

Having never really left and I can no longer tell which part is a dream.

Yet here I am.  My Mother and I are all that is left.

What I have made and what I will leave behind, are those pieces of me.

Beautiful souls entwined forever, with pieces of nothing but memories holding us all together.




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