IMG_0755We have a surprising lack of true heroes today, held up for all to live up to.  You really have to look, hard.

So many local heroes do things everyday, simple things, that no one knows about.

Heroes never tell anyone about their random acts of kindness.

They pass by, all of us, brushing our elbow at the grocery/drug/mall store.

We barely make eye contact.

I play a little game when I am alone and in public.  I try to make eye contact.  I smile.  I say hello.  Sometimes, I only nod.  Very often I strike up a conversation with some very interesting and amazing people.

Like the time I met a cool Mom at Kid’s Kingdom in Redding, Ca.  Circa 2006.  She had just arrived in Redding from Texas.

She is one of my dearest friends.  Talk about an everyday hero.  She has given birth to 7 amazing, independent individuals.  She has also impacted the lives of hundreds, if not thousands more the World over.  Positively affecting, inspiring, and healing, still to this day!

Let’s start to recognize those everyday heroes that we share our community with.

You know, they NEVER want accolades, but they’d love a hug/handshake.  Hey, pick up their tab, that would be awesome!

Go ahead,  make eye contact with someone.  See what they have to share with you!





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