The Kool Aid Files

Daisy and I

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It cracks me up when someone says “My laundry is done.”  Really?  Is there ever a time when there is truly No Laundry to be done, I wonder?

One of the persistent items on my To Do List is always Dishes.  My husband (cute as he is) will say, “But, I just DID the dishes!”

Okay, so in my world, the dishes are never, ever, really done.  The second the very last glass is placed on the drain board,  my entire family is starving and thirsty!  We need two glasses, one for water and one for my Kool-Aid because I mixed 4 different packages together and it’s my special blend!  I don’t discover her concoction until I find that second glass, later in the laundry room where we left it when we were playing on the computer and then forgot all about it! ~By the way, Kool-Aid stains!  Ya, no surprise there.  However, 4 different packages of Kool-Aid mixed together makes a really big stain, on my sheets, which are tie-died brown now!  The other glass with water is saved for the alien invasion.

It makes it really easy for me to ease my pain, by lowering my standards.  Whoa, not THAT low!  What I mean is, I’m managing my expectations in a different way.  So, it works like this.  Any attempt that is made by me to ‘clean’ or ‘launder’, even if it’s one dish or one load of laundry and I get to mark it off my To Do List!

Yes!  Now I feel so accomplished!  As I move through my day, I’m checking things off in my mind.  Watch out, tho.  This kind of power can really go to your head!  I’ve had days when I’ve just thought about doing something in the arena of ‘housework’ and I’ve written the whole darn list off and gone bird watching!  And, by that I mean, grabbed a bottle of wine and hit the backyard hammock!

Here’s to a change in perspective!  It’s so easy, you’ll wonder why you haven’t done it sooner!





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