Innocence and Empathy

Innocence and Empathy

September 26, 2013 at 10:36am

I didn’t realize that I needed a really good cry.  You know, sometimes you get your pint of Cherry Garcia ice cream, (insert fav sad movie of all times),  a box of tissues, your cat, your blankie  and you ‘let er rip’.  Well, I wasn’t involved in the planning of this particular event.  It just happened.  It’s still happening.  It’s swallowing me whole.

I am painfully aware of innocence and the loss thereof.  Personally and professionally.  I’m not sure you could be me and not be… so aware.

Probably first, simply by physiology.  It’s who I am,  and all that this envelopes.

Add to that the fact that I am a mother.  First, to step sons, who taught me unconditional love.  As an expectant mother, who suffers miscarriages.   To birth and beyond, where I am living this beautiful experience of life!

What kills me is the deftness with which we destroy innocent beings, no second thoughts, soulless eyes turning to the next in a long line.  And we all act like we don’t see it happening.  Like we don’t feel it.

We’re not supposed to feel it.    Once that starts to break through, we begin to ask questions.

How can fairy shrimp be so valuable they can halt forward motion of building and progress, and yet hundreds and thousands of innocent, voiceless beings are destroyed and the only thought we may have is the cost of the disposal of their carcasses.  It often has its own budget line.  So, professionally, I am aware.  The children left to fend for themselves in difficult family situations (if any at all).  Where is the balance?  Does loss at one end of the spectrum make it easier to endure the loss at the other end?  What does this say of us?  Of humanity…

Innocence is lost in other ways, too.  The only way to know when it has been lost, is after the fact.  You can see the impact on a child’s face when they have experienced grief or anger or theft…  Age and life does that too!  As a parent, one has the opportunity to assist  in this process.

However, what of the voiceless?  The very young, the very old, and all other living beings in our care?  Who speaks for them?  Should we care?

Since we are only impacted after the fact, maybe we should just learn to live with it.  It’s not like we can do anything about it, right?

Hmmm.  You see, I believe there is no separation between us.  That we live in an interactive World.  It is not static, but DYNAMIC!  FLUID!  RESPONSIVE!  Because of this, I believe one of the most important things we can teach each other is empathy.

Empathy teaches one to get out of your box.  Even if for a moment.  It teaches one to see the bigger picture.  How we each have an impact  on one another.  Why it matters, how important it is, and what we can do to change it.   Whatever IT is!

Because of all this, I am having a really good cry.  I needed it.  Empathy and compassion have that affect.  It is impossible to be of this World and not a part of this World.  You have been away to long, if none of this makes sense to you!


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