What does Commitment mean?

What does commitment mean to you?

Are there varying degrees of commitment?

Is commitment interchangeable with other passions?

Is it okay to make a commitment, and then not keep it?  Is there ever an acceptable excuse for missing your commitment?

Have you ever been let down?  Disappointed, hurt, betrayed.


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“Commitment is the state or quality of being dedicated to a cause, activity, etc.. It is also known as a pledge or an undertaking.”

If you have ever been ‘let down’ by another person’s lack of commitment, the meaning of the word may bring out some negative feelings in you.

I once needed an individual to assist in a very important undertaking with me.  I received a commitment from this person.

As the date and time approached, I was unable to reach this person.  I began to experience severe discomfort.  I even began to panic as my deadline came and went.

I never got an acknowledgement from this person, that there was a problem.

I had to scramble to take care of my issue myself.  I was very upset.  However, I learned a valuable lesson.

Do not make a commitment that you are unwilling to accomplish at any cost!  Understand that you saying No to the question ahead of time WILL spare must grief and pain later on.

It is entirely fair to put yourself in the position of the person to whom you would be letting down.  If you have never experienced this, understand that you will at some point in your life.  It is not fun.


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