The Rural Home and Wildlife: Bears, Snakes, and Big Cats! Part I

The first home we rented in Mountain Gate, California was a wonderful, lovingly handmade place on three acres, perched atop a hill.  No neighbors on top of us.  Wonderful views, where wild turkeys became  a daily sight.

Nothing could have prepared me for the reality of rural life quite like the owner of the property giving me her advice for how to deal with the local wildlife.

Hey, I come from the big city.  I have seen ‘wildlife’.  And we weren’t really that far away from civilization!

She said “When the bears come through, just stay out of their way.”  WHAT!?!  Whoa, back up there, sister.  Yep, you heard me right.  “Just keep your shot gun loaded with bird shot, next to the back door.”

The what with the what?  Look honey, I am a city girl.  I keep a camera loaded with film by the back door!

Yes, she says “Just aim for right above the bear’s head, up in the Oak Tree.  That’ll scare ’em off.  Well, it should anyway.”  Okay…

More later…  Thanks for reading!




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