Life in Shasta Lake, California

When all else fails, try adding a little perspective.

In this post I will be showcasing some of my favorite pictures and thoughts from the past year.  Living in a small town is a very unique experience.  Let me show you why:

Lori Chapman SifersMuch of what small town living brings to an individual is not seen by simply looking at a person.  There are things that happen inside of you that are not easily seen.  There is a passionate self-reliance that comes when you live apart from much of the activity of a large town.

One of the things I have noticed over the years is that ‘small town people’ are extremely accomplished.  Many are artists.  Many are self made.  Many do things in such a unique and interesting way that they can be considered ‘weird’ by many city dwellers!

I know there are the obvious things, such as driving.  What?  Don’t most people drive themselves where they need to go?  Nope.  In a large city you call a cab, or a car service.  Many people do not even own a vehicle due to the high cost of parking it!  You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars per month to rent a parking space!  Since many small towns are also in very rural areas, there may not even be bus service.

IMG_0453There is a real need to own or know someone who owns a 4-wheel drive vehicle.  Getting out and about during the Winter months can be a challenge.  Knowing how to drive in these conditions, carrying the appropriate supplies, and being a fearless driver who knows the roads are essentials.  Time and again we have heard of someone going out for a leisurely drive only to get hopelessly lost, or worse, not to be seen until the snow melts in the Spring.  Many of the mapping programs offered have missing or incorrect information.  This can prove to be deadly!

There is also the issue of self protection.  When I first came to live in a small town, I was astonished to learn that it may take Law Enforcement or Fire Protection 15 to 30 minutes to respond to your call for help.  That is certainly enough time for loss of life and property.  In these instances, you must be able to help yourself!

IMG_0003Living with local wildlife can be a challenge in itself!

More on this topic later!  I hope I’ve given you some ‘perspective’ into is crazy World of ours and in particular a window to small town life!  As always, I am grateful for you Reader! I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic or any other I have written on!  Stay strong!




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