Words Mean Things

I want to talk about the  definition of the word Recuse.

This issue recently came up a city council meeting. The topic on the agenda was “Discussion and possible action on Resolution accepting the annual report on the Development Agreement between the City of Shasta Lake and Mountain Properties, Inc. (Developer) and finding that Developer has complied in good faith with the terms and conditions of the Development Agreement.”

A councilman announced that he would ‘recuse’ himself from the discussion of this item.

So? Well, here is where words matter. Here is where the truth and honesty come into play The councilman not only stayed in the room, he stayed on the dais! This is completely in opposition to the California Fair Political Practices Commission requirement!

You see, when it comes to the definition of terms that you use on the dais, that requires you must take certain action. This councilman did not take the required action after his announcement Here is the EXACT wording from the State of California Regulations of the Fair Political Practices Commission 18702.5.(3)

” .(3) Recusal/Leaving the Room: The public official must recuse himself or herself and
leave the room after the identification required by subdivisions (b)(1) and (b)(2) of this
regulation is made. He or she shall not be counted toward achieving a quorum while the item is

This is important because our Public Officials must adhere to the requirements of AB1234.

Don’t you want your elected officials to be ethical and above reproach? Again, no one is perfect. However, it is vital those that wish to hold elected office live by the rules. This particular councilman has exhibited a refusal to adhere to the codes of our city, costing the city a loss of fees in the short term and a loss of respect in the long term. I find this extremely disturbing. I think you should too.

Here is the link to the FPPC code quoted above:



transitive verb \ri-ˈkyüz\


Definition of RECUSE

: to disqualify (oneself) as judge in a particular case; broadly : to remove (oneself) from participation to avoid a conflict of interest

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