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Opponent’s Campaign Flyer

Click on the above link for a campaign flyer that an opponent is distributing.  Politicos will wonder why I would share an opponents information.  Well, there are several reasons for me to be doing this.

#1     In a recent campaign I was involved with the opponent widely distributed a flyer with outrageous misrepresentations and distortions.  It was decided that the lies were self evident.  No one with any common sense would believe these obvious falsehoods.  We were completely WRONG!  With repetition these lies became legend.  My candidate suffered a crushing defeat, primarily due to not addressing the lies.

#2     Not everyone is as intimately involved in the arena of Shasta Lake politics as I am!  You may not know about the details of things that have happened, only seen the result of the action.

#3     I do not plan on sitting on my hands.  When someone says something that I know to be a distortion I will call them on it!  This election is extremely important to the citizens of Shasta Lake.

#4     The author of this flyer is claiming victory about successfully rooting out ‘corruption’ in our City.  Something the author if GUILTY of!  When you point your finger at another human being and proclaim them to be ‘breaking the law’ you had better be sure the transgression is one that you yourself are not guilty of as well!

These are some of the reasons why I am going to ‘dissect’ this flyer for you.  Because facts are stubborn things!

Okay, let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

First glaring error:  “Vote to retain me as a Watchdog Fighting Corruption in the City”  You have given yourself this title.  The citizens were so unhappy with your performance as a councilor that you were RECALLED at great expense to the citizens.  Something you claim you are trying to save us from: corruption and wasteful spending.  You are the only thing this City has wasted too much money, time, and energy on!

Second glaring error:  “I added transparency to the city council”.  No you did not.  What you did was successfully lobby to waste the public’s revenue on something it was already doing!  I want to know why you voted against the ‘Sunshine Ordinance’ when you claim to want Transparency for the city council?  Your statement is false, hollow,  and vapid.

Third glaring error:  Calling for Rod Lindsay to resign “because he broke the State Law Conflict of Interest 1090s for 9 years”.  I’ll ignore the obvious grammatical errors and tackle the most obvious (to me) error.  During this council member’s first campaign, and subsequent defense during the recall effort she did NOT correctly disclose of donated funds and services to her own campaign!  In fact, she recently received a notification of FPPC campaign finance disclosure violation!    It is a  HUGE VIOLATION! Not the first one either.  Something one should know when pointing out someone else’s errors.  She claims to be the expert…

Fourth glaring error:  Calling for the resignation or firing of the city manager.  You are NOT responsible for the announcement of the RETIREMENT of the city manager! It is NOT thanks to you.  This is simply ridiculous!

Fifth glaring error:  “Opposing the Shasta Lake Moody Flats Quarry”.  This is NOT what the proposed project is called!  It is NOT in the city limits!  Once again, we may be affected by this proposal, but it is in the County!!!

Sixth glaring error:  “Opposing Increase Electrical Utility Rates”.  I cannot count the number of times this has been explained.  It is a State LAW, not a city requirement.  If we do not comply, then we are in VIOLATION of the State law!  Something this person says she will “Make sure the City will comply with State and Federal Laws”.  Then which is it?  Comply or not?

That is all for this post.  I have dissected the first page of this ridiculous piece of propaganda.  More later, as I turn to page three, because page two is blank!

As always, thank you for reading!


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  1. Lori – looks like you have your hands full, Good luck. Keep the truth out front, and stand tall. I and the rest of your family respect and admire you and your professionalism. Give ’em hell. Call when(and if) you have time. Love you.

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