Ethics in Politics 101 part 2

I want you all to know something about me. While living life there are always opportunities to define someone or something in a narrow and suspicious manner. To make quick judgements that upon further examination were incorrect or even rash. No one is perfect, least of all me! However, I do make every effort to walk with kindness, practicing the principles I learned from my parents.
Now, I realize that we are in a campaign. However, that does not entitle you to your own ‘facts’. Do not speak of that which you do not know about. You will only look foolish. Voters will not vote for fools! Or at least, they would be wise to discover the facts for themselves and make an educated choice. That is the beauty of our political system.
Remember, when you hear comments that have a hollow ring to them, begin a search for the facts right away. Chances are, they are never very far away!


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