Why Me?

Politicians seem to love to talk about themselves.  Delivering a never ending list of accomplishments.  Fluffing and preening.  Posing, strutting and kissing babies.  Visions for the future.  Disappointment and concern about the current leadership.  Canned speeches and a security detail.  Moderating a position to fit your audience.

Yes, all of the above and much more.  I read an article some time ago, about entering politics for a deeply personal reason.  Perhaps to right a wrong, change a policy or ordinance to fit their personal opinion.  Maybe to feed ones ego, filling the hole in ones heart due to loss.  Many people enter politics after retirement.  The experiences of life can be very useful in legislation.

Some are attracted to the perceived power of the position.  It is enjoyable to be told how correct you are, how wonderful you are.  Sooner or later you begin to believe all of this.  Even the title,  “Honorable” such and such has a nice ring, doesn’t it?  It is true that honor has much to do with the position, however, much more to do with humility and an open heart.

Navigating through the issues facing voters can be challenging.  Navigating through the ‘politicians’ can be almost impossible.

I like to use the phrase ” Think Globally, Act Locally” to describe my position.  I hate to be put in a ‘box’, restricted to a certain definition.   I am many things.  That is the beauty of serving on a local city council, you get to know your constituents really well and they get to know you.  I have a record of local service that goes back to 2004, the year after moving here.  The following is a  partial list of who I am:  American, Mother, wife, patriot, daughter, leader, artist, dreamer, visionary, naturalist, speaker, activist, gardener, capitalist, business owner.

Why is that important?  It’s important to be able to have a historical perspective of the area you wish to represent.  You are able to distinguish between truly new and innovative ideas and recycled ones that have been tried and have failed or rejected by the community.  I am not a politician.  What I do is not about recognition, in fact, I would rather avoid the recognition in favor of ACTION.   We do not have the luxury of time anymore.  Our environment has changed.  We, as a community, need to be able to respond to these changes or be destroyed by them.

While I did not ‘grow up’ here in the city of Shasta Lake,  I am a California native. I grew up in a small town.  I chose to buy a house here, not for profit,  to raise my children.  I want for them to have a sense of community that is strong and secure.  I need for them to be safe and protected.  I desire for them to have a future right here.  These are some of the reasons I ask for your trust in me. Because, we are all in this together!

Thank you for reading!




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