A Word About Endorsements

As part of the political process of running a campaign, the candidate must acquire ‘Endorsements’ from various boards and unions.  I have had one interview as of today.  I did receive the endorsement from the group that I was interviewed by. 


You may wonder what this means and why it is important to the campaign.

As defined by Wikipedia:  Political endorsement is the action of publicly declaring one’s personal or group’s support of a candidate for elected office” 

Merriam-Webster.com also offers testimonial, sanction, approval.

When someone serves the public in elected office, your record is all you have to represent what you have done.  Elected office is a position of trust.  One must be of impeccable character.  You must rely upon the relationships you established while working on projects and community goals.

Therefore, candidates receive endorsements from publicly known individuals who can offer a testimonial to your character.  They can express, on your behalf, why the voters would be wise to vote in your favor.

So, the endorsement can be very important to a campaign.  People may feel closer to you if they hear that ‘Joe’ has endorsed you.  If he trusts you, they can too.

Now, I think it is important to mention that getting endorsements is hard work.  Many groups have an interview process that may include several interviews.  One before the general assembly and additional before executive committees.  You may be asked to complete an application, one I saw recently was five pages!  It is essential to be prepared!  Dress professionally.  Be honest.

Yes, there is quite a bit of action associated with the endorsement process.  Any type of political campaign is a large amount of work.  Physically, emotionally, and 24/7.

Is it worth it?  For those who have the fire in the belly to be a part of the political process on a local level, absolutely!  Remember, in the end, all we really have is our name.  Make sure yours is ‘good’ and that investment will pay off in the long run!



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