A Little History

I am running for a seat on our Shasta Lake city council. I have been actively working and volunteering for my city since moving here in 2003.
I served on our Parks and Recreation Advisory Committee for 5 years. I also applied to and was approved for service in our Citizen Volunteer Patrol. Fingerprinted and background checked, I served for approximately 5 years as well. Assisting law enforcement within our city in a variety of ways. Those are two valuable volunteer positions which allowed me to learn from an insider point of view, how the city operates. Also, how vital a wide variety of volunteers are to the underpinnings of our community.
In 2008 I was appointed to the Shasta Lake Fire Protection District Board of Directors. I currently serve as vice-chairwoman. This is a position that is a great honor to serve in. I am proud of our record over these past few years. Most recently we were able to avoid a possible fire fighter lay off.
In between this I volunteered for our Shasta Lake Library Governance and Financing Task Force. I have served as chairwoman since 2007. Our most current effort has been the moving out of our old building and into the Shasta Lake Sheriff’s Station on Stanton Drive in the city of Shasta Lake. This move will make our next move into a permanent location on the property where the new Sheriff’s Station/City Council Chamber are located. With this step we can begin to fund raise in new and exciting ways! We will also update our service to include public computer use.
There are so many possibilities in the upcoming years. There should be someone with the experience, passion and dedication to keep the focus on the work at hand. We are doing big things here. I have encouraged the establishment of a Utility Legislative Action Committee for citizens voices to be heard in Sacramento, where utility policy ultimately comes from.
I also am concerned about some youth/gang related activity which may warrant the establishment of a Human Rights Council to address these concerns in our community. I also am in favor of bringing back a Youth Peer Court for the Far Northern County.
For those reasons and many more I am asking for your endorsement and/or financial support in this endeavor. I am the right person for the job and with your support I will WIN!


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