Welcome to my World!

Well, I am so glad you found me!  I have been posting for several years on another blog site (http://thegalleryatshastalake.weebly.com).  However, I have been contemplating a change for many years.  Mostly because I had a brick and mortar business in my beloved city of Shasta Lake.  However, 2007 and 2008 turned out to be not so good years for opening a business in a small town.  Make that your first business ever!  It was an art and jewelry gallery.  I loved the hard work, the people I met, and the connections I established.  It didn’t take me long to run out of money, not much was selling, and I didn’t have the heart to start charging my members.  It would have been one of the only things that might have helped.  To be honest, closing the doors sent me into a long depression.  I felt like a failure.  Worse, I had let the art community down. 

Fortunately, I remained committed to the obligations I had in public service.  These helped to keep me connected with the people that live and work here.  I stretched myself farther than ever before.  I found passion in learning, taking classes at our local Shasta College.  I will go back one day, too! 

It has been one of the best learning curves ever.  Wild and unexpected, I remember telling myself to trust my many years of customer service and follow my inner wisdom.  I eventually transitioned to an on-line web-based business and blog.  This is great for me because I cannot sit and be idle.  I can sit and make jewelry.  I can sit and read a book.  I can sit (for a short time) and watch TV.  But, my favorite activity is activity! 

So I continue my passion of creating and designing jewelry and art.  I have allowed my passion to get a bit crazy with adding my vintage collections of glass, beads, found objects and natural items. 




  1. Lori, the heart of an artist mixed with the purest form of community… you touch lives each morning saying hello,… You ALWAYS make a difference and every step you take will always be the right one. Life is like paint, very forgiving,… you are one of the souls who begin, then keep on beginning. Bravo!

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